Behind the Scenes post production

Four Years to the Day

Our adventure making this film began in January 2018, when I decided that we had to go to Scotland and start filming this story — it was unfolding and not waiting for us to secure funding. So we eschewed the typical process for developing a documentary film, and went ahead with our small company and started shooting.

Gladly, we made a lot of friends along the way. Early on, Kim Münster served as our producer and shepherd-like coach for this ambitious project. In the middle of 2019, production duties passed on to a new production partner with whom we have been developing this film ever since, and with whom we have particularly accomplished the feat of editing the incredible stories that our two protagonists have experienced into a compelling film. Somewhat hampered by the Covid pandemic, that process took about 18 months.

A few days ago — on January 30th 2022, pretty much exactly four years after we began working on the film — our executive producer gave us the green light for the rough cut that we now have.