A Film About ‘Wellbeing Economies’

We are currently experiencing the worsening of a multiple systems crisis. Climate, energy, democracy, peace, social welfare, health — on every level, our local, regional and global systems are reaching or passing breaking points. However, the solutions that are being discussed almost exclusively address individual or local aspects, hardly ever the system itself.

Katherine Trebeck and Lorenzo Fioramonti — two political economists — want to change this. Their new paradigm: The Wellbeing Economy; governments move away from GDP growth, and towards policies that focus on what truly matters: wellbeing for people and planet. Katherine begins to build a new government alliance that puts wellbeing at its center. Lorenzo enters the tumultuous stage of Italian politics and tries to take the wellbeing concept into the heart of his home country’s government. Both struggle, fail and pick themselves up again — eventually creating something that may become an alternative to the G7, as Scotland, Iceland, New Zealand, Wales and Finland are joining forces.