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2019: A Breakthrough Year for Our Film Project.

The development of this film project in 2019 was rather remarkable.

Originally, we had planned to finish shooting in March of 2019, after a little over a year. And then we wanted to finalise the edit and post-production by the end of 2019.

But then other things happened.

Our stories and protagonists took to the global stage!

The final chapter in our story about the Wellbeing Economy Governments was supposed to be the big OECD conference in South Korea where the initiative was officially launched and publicly announced for the first time. But to be quite frank, that event felt somewhat anti-climactic: It was a so-called “breakfast session” — very early in the morning, in a small room, with hardly anyone attending. And we asked ourselves: This is supposed to be the big breakthrough that shows the world that we need to move away from GDP as the key measure for economic activity?

It seemed a little like the project had failed as it was succeeding.

But it turns out: A small launch can still lead to a big change. In the following months, all kinds of little things were happening in the three WEGo countries, and also between them. And then, another few weeks later, the big news broke that Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, was announcing and explaining the WEGo initiative from the TED stage. To this day, her talk has been watched over 1.7 million times — and that does look a lot more like the big event that we would have hoped for. And then towards the end of the year, Icelandic prime minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir gave a speech about the initiative in London, which got the BBC interested, and which finally even led to a brief radio interview I myself gave to the BBC about the WEGo!

Lorenzo’s story also took an unexpected turn around the middle of the year — he was promoted from Vice Minister to Minister of Education in the surprisingly formed new PD/5-Star government. In this role, he made lots of waves in Italy, he got plenty of pressure from many sides, his policies made him unpopular with many people (because he proposes uncomfortable solutions and he really wants to transform the Italian society for the future), but he has also got international headlines for his push to have Italian schoolchildren taught about sustainable living and the climate in all classes starting with the coming academic year.

All this culminated in him being invited to the Climate Conference in Madrid and to an audience with the Pope. (We were there with the camera for the former, but not for the latter.) And now, just before the end of the year he resigned from his job as minister. Which came as no surprise to us, on the contrary. But the background to his resignation doesn’t belong here, it’ll be in our film. The important thing for us is that we were very lucky: We met a man who was then not even a member of the Italian parliament, and who transformed from a nobody into an internationally recognized politician in just under two years. When he resigned, it was reported internationally in the media. How often do international media usually take an interest in an Italian Minister of Education who’s been in office for only a few weeks?

We found powerful partners!

The second thing that “got in the way” was a partnership for the production and distribution of the film. Around the middle of the year we met a director and producer who is very well established in the German television landscape and who quickly warmed to our project. In November we signed an agreement according to which we will finish and market the film together with his company. We will communicate details about this alliance once there are details to communicate — but for the development of our film it is important that the second half of the year was characterized by getting to know and discussing the film project with our new partners. In our exchanges we thought and learned a lot about how our film can work, how we should structure it and what the focus should be. This was enormously helpful for our understanding of what kind of film we are making. But it also took time, of course.

Because of these two developments, we didn’t finish the film by the end of the year, but we are now planning to get it done by the middle of 2020.

So … we are looking very much forward to an eventful year in which we will see our film finished. The key job now will be to carve out a compelling story from all the material that we have collected. Happy New Year everyone, and wish us luck!

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