Gross Domestic Product Sustainability Wellbeing Economies: Concept

Criticising the GDP: a Key Concept for Wellbeing Economies.

One of the key ideas driving the fight for wellbeing economies is the realisation that the Gross Domestic Product — the GDP — and its “endless growth” may no longer be the right measures to guide our economic policies. What served us well in the past, particularly after the end of World War 2, seems to be increasingly dangerous for the development of our societies. In our latest short video, we’re explaining why that is:

Update December 3rd 2018: If you’re interested in this, here is another blog post that describes what an alternative to “GDP-thinking” might look like, and what countries are doing to implement it.

5 replies on “Criticising the GDP: a Key Concept for Wellbeing Economies.”

YES!! You are right on mark with this. Could not be more pleased that a group of smart, talented, creative people are taking this on. We have been treating our economy as if it is a living being, talking about the health of our economy by every day, measuring it’s ups and downs by the hour. At the same time scientists around the world measuring the health of our air, land and water are discounted as if 99% agreement means they are divided in opinion. It is time for someone like you to get the message out that we need a Wellbeing Economy.

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